Overview: Nudging to Well-Being

This half-day workshop is structured on the nudge principle, which is that you will be more likely to acquire and develop psychological skills if the acquisition and development processes are made accessible, easy and fast.

This workshop integrates powerful, evidence-based tools for enhancing resilience and mental toughness and presents, in small, manageable units, a structured training designed to promote positive changes in your psychological strength, personal happiness and work effectiveness.

This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to develop key well-being skills and experience a range of positive and long-lasting benefits with only minimal demands in terms of time and effort.  

(what is nudge psychology?)

Contact :  020 8347 7620 or Email


Aims of the Workshop

The main aim of this event is to guide participants in the acquisition and development of an integrated set of core well-being skills, including:

· Thinking with clarity, concentration & focus

· Proactively controlling and reducing stress

· Utilising personal strengths to enhance peak performance

· Managing pressure and bouncing back from set-backs

To promote an understanding of, and engagement in, the positive change process the workshop provides clear and concise explanations of how and why the tools employed have their effects; the event concludes with a Q&A session.

Contact:  020 8347 7620 or Email


Venue, Cost, & Booking


The Well-Being Workshop can be provided as an in-house event at a cost of £185/delegate (subject to a minimum of 8 delegates).

For enquiries about the workshop, or to arrange an in-house presentation, call 020 8347 7620 or Email


We provide this workshop as an open public event at times throughout the year and at a cost of £195/delegate.

To view the dates of our forthcoming workshops click here to enquire or make a booking call 020 8347 7620 or Email


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