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Single session developmental coaching


Single Session Developmental Coaching, is appropriate for addressing immediate concerns in your work or personal life; this might be a key decision you have about some course of action that will have important consequences for you, a crisis at work that needs managing or a emotional dilemma that is causing you anxiety.

The types of problems that we have addressed using Single Session Developmental Coaching include: 

  • Making an important career decision
  • Resolving a personal or relationship problem 
  • Managing a stressful event or procedure 
  • Taking stock of your situation to help you move forward 
  • Preparing for a transition, e.g. retirement or returning to work after a career break

Because it is not alway easy to decide whether or not a concern can be addressed in a single session we offer a free initial contact session to help you make that decision (see below). 

The Structure of single session developmental coaching

Single Session Developmental Coaching has three components:

  1. The initial contact is a conversation with your  psychologist who will assess whether or not this coaching option is appropriate for your needs.  If it is the coaching objective will be agreed and you will advised about how to prepare for your session, which will take place 3 to 10 days later    
  2. The focus of your coaching session, will be developing your skills, e.g. your ways of thinking and doing, so that you can make significant progress in terms of achieving the agreed objective
  3. between 1 and 4 weeks after your session you will have a conversation with your psychologist to review the progress you have made & discuss whether you require any further  support. 

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