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Developmental Business Coaching (DBC) is an integrative approach to coaching that works by providing you with access to powerful tools for creating positive changes in the way you think and act, and the opportunity to discuss, with a Chartered Business Psychologist, how you can use those tools to resolve the presenting issue or problem

The goal of DBC is to enhance your personal work effectiveness and overall success in the world of work.

A particularly attractive feature of DBC is that issues can be resolved faster than is the case in more traditional approaches to business coaching - in some cases a single session of DBC can provide an effective remedy or way forward.

The improved speed and effectiveness of DBC is made possible because it both integrates research findings from a range of relevant disciplines (neuroscience, positive psychology, sports psychology, occupational psychology and mindfulness) and it is structured on the 'nudge' principle, developed by the  Nobel Prize winning Economists, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein (read more about 'nudge' psychology).

what problems can DBC solve?

This approach to business coaching is appropriate for anyone in the world of work, from business leaders and team managers to entrepreneurs and people searching for employment.

Some typical work-related issues that we have helped our clients to resolve include:

  • Managing organisational change
  • Building resilience
  • Reducing work place stress 
  • Professional development & career progression
  • Managing across the gender divide
  • Supporting neuro-diversity
  • Planning retirement
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Making presentations
  • Interviewee preparation
  • Imposter Syndrome

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