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Inspired by Nobel Prize winning work in Behavioural Economics, we use 'nudge psychology' to make psychological tools easier to use. Read More

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Our Aims:

  • Improve bottom-line organisational performance by increasing staff productivity at all levels.
  • Promote corporate cultures that value well-being.

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Our evidence-based work is informed by scientific research in Positive Psychology, Physiology, Behavioural Economics, and Neuroscience.

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What is Nudge Psychology?

The  ‘nudge’ concept emerged from the work of the Nobel-Prize winning Economist, Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein; simply stated, it is the idea that people will be more likely to acquire healthy behaviours if the behaviours are made easy to acquire.  

The concept of nudge has been successfully employed by governments worldwide to influence a wide range of behaviours from making healthier life choices and paying tax promptly to registering for organ donation. 


Nudge Psychology focuses on making psychological tools and techniques easier to access and key psychological strengths and skills easier to acquire and develop.  

The idea powering Nudge Psychology is that by making it easy to manage and improve your own psychological skills and strengths you will be more likely to take personal responsibility for making positive changes in your life.

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