Diversity Coaching

Empowering Women in the Workplace

We provide specialised psychological coaching programmes designed to enable women to realise their full potential and function effectively in the world of work.


Programmes address key issues that determine personal effectiveness and social influence, including:

  • Managing gender differences in thinking, problem solving and communication.
  • Controlling personal belief systems and thought processes.
  • Developing cognitive skills to enhance personal effectiveness.
  • Employing mental rehearsal to gain 'the edge'.
  • Combatting 'Imposter Syndrome'.

Managing & Developing Women Leaders

We provide business leaders with coaching, training and supervision to maximise their effectiveness in managing across the gender divide.  

These programmes are designed to ensure that business leaders (male and female) are equipped to support and develop female colleagues.

A key objective is to raise awareness of how phenomena such as imposter syndrome, the glass ceiling and the glass cliff operate to disadvanatge talented women seeking to establish themselves in leadership roles.

We provide specialised coaching for adult dyslexics and people with other neurodiverse disabilities click for more information

Intercultural Sensitivity for Managers & Leaders

This practical, case-study based,1-day training course is designed for business leaders who are managing a multicultural team, or workforce.

The aim of this programme is to improve work effectiveness by facilitating effective communications across cultural divides.

The programme presents a well established 5-value model of intercultural sensitivity that highlights the implicit cultural rules that guide and determine people's behaviour. The programme involves group discussions and activities that promote an understanding of how the 5-value model can be employed to build bridges across cultural divides, create inclusive work environments and promote greater harmony in workplaces where different cultures are interacting.

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